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Weekly Reflection June 5, 2023
Grad Night 2023


At the end of the school year, I always feel excitement and loss. As each day passes, I want to hold on and make the most of every moment! Saying goodbye can be difficult, sad, and beautiful. We know that the end of every day is the beginning of another. The accomplishment of every quest is the start of the next.
Our reflection this week is from the poet, Rilke:

Want transformation. Be inspired by the flame
In which a thing disappears and bursts into something else;
The spirit of re-creation which masters the earth
Loves most the pivoting point
Where you are no longer
Pour yourself out completely, like a river,
And you will find wisdom at last.
She will lead you to that enchanted place,
That finishes often with starting
and with ending, begins.
Rainer Maria Rilke (Sonnets to Orpheus)

Have a wonderful final week!