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VP Masterclass with Linda Wang
A student learning in the VP Masterclass

This week, our Virtuoso Program students were treated to a masterclass by Linda Wang, violinist and string studies chair at Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver. “A masterclass is when a professional musician gives what looks like a ‘public’ lesson,” explains Director of Music and Music Conservatory Rob DeNunzio. “Both Sean W. '25 and Anthony C. '24 served as the students, while the rest of the ensemble observed.” Ms. Wang listened to each student play a piece, and then offered practical advice and suggestions that the students were able to put into practice immediately. She also played the pieces herself, modeling suggestions such as how to relax the right elbow, and how to place the bow close to the bridge in order to project larger sound from the instrument.

“It was very helpful,” explained Sean. “She showed me how to play Beethoven in another way and definitely helped me improve a lot musically.” The students remarked on how fun it was to connect with a teacher with so much experience and insightful comments on their playing. “Also, she is a very nice person,” added Sean. 

“We are lucky that the reputation of our Virtuoso Program students draws talented educators such as Linda to visit SD,” remarked Mr. DeNuzio. The positive feeling was mutual, with Ms. Wang complimenting the students in an email after the class, writing “I enjoyed meeting and working with each of you!”