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Vivaldi at San Domenico
Virtuoso Program's Vivaldi performance, Oct. 2023

The first thing that came to mind when I stepped up to address the nearly-packed house at Sunday’s ‘Vivaldi at San Domenico’ concert was, “This is perfect concert weather!” As a light drizzle muted the outside world and our guests warmed up in the concert hall, there was a sense that it was going to be a special afternoon as we settled in to enjoy the music of these very hard-working and talented high schoolers. And like so many Virtuoso Program concerts past, the next hour offered a deep, sometimes whimsical, and sometimes dramatic performance of truly stellar quality. If you haven’t had the chance to attend one of our concerts in the past, please do yourself a favor and keep an eye on our calendar! 

Thank you to all those who were able to attend and join me in the concert's concluding standing ovation! Our students, their teachers, and their families all cherish your support and love.

– Rob DeNunzio, Director of Music

Watch the recorded video. 

Here are some of the things our attendees had to say:

Our VP students gave a stunning, professional performance. The pieces selected for the concert were fantastic. Their dedication and artistry is evident in their fine work, and they would not be able to reach such levels without the dedication and artistry of their coaches.  Please thank all of the students and their talented coaches for giving us such a beautiful escape into music yesterday.
Jen Grimes, Theatre Arts Instructor

It was such a gorgeous concert from start to finish!!! Congratulations to all faculty and students involved. Vivaldi never disappoints!
Kate Reeser, Director of Upper School, Assistant Head for Academics

It was truly a breathtaking concert! The level of dedication and talent of our students is really remarkable and something to be celebrated far and wide:). It was a lovely bright spot on a rainy Sunday! Thank you, thank you! 
Jennie Nash, Director of Admissions