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Virtuoso Program Spring Orchestra Concert
Virtuoso Program students


What better way to close out a year of concerts than with an orchestra performance that honors all generations of SD musicians?
For our final orchestra concert of the year, we celebrated the various generations of students whose participation in the Virtuoso Program has defined its success for nearly 50 years. With works by Vivaldi, Piazzolla, and more, we honored our graduating seniors while also welcoming VP alums alongside students from our Lower School strings classes. 

Director of Music Rob DeNunzio encapsulated the evening best with a simple wish. “What I want our students to think about is that you can keep music in your life forever, regardless of what other passions you have, what other things drive you, what other things you really want to experience. It can be part of your life for as long as you are here.”

We couldn’t agree more.

More from our concert audience:

Thank you, and our magnificent VP Students and Alums for a fantastic send-off for our Seniors!  The selections were perfect for showing off the beautiful playing of our Seniors and next Concert Master, seeing (and hearing) alums back on the stage added another layer of meaning and continuity to this final concert of the year, and the inclusion of the young musicians from our lower school gave a promise of more to come! 
– Jen G

What a fun concert! It was great to see the alumni on stage as well!
– Alan M

I loved seeing the collaboration with the Lower School students as well. It was a beautiful concert, and the senior speeches were all very endearing. Amazing work!
– Alyssa C

After the concert concluded, I thought to myself, "Aren't we lucky?" Such incredible performing arts at SD. The concert was beautiful. I'm impressed with the hard work that clearly went into that performance. As a parent of a former young violinist and a former young cellist at SD, I was touched that the young musicians were included - what an incredible opportunity for them, and our VP students honored them so generously (all having been in their shoes at one point). The solos were spectacular. 
– Sonya E

I left so incredibly inspired!!!!
– Erica S