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Upper School Students Take Top Art Honors

San Domenico’s Upper School art students received top awards in this year’s annual Creative Youth Awards (CYA) competition. The Creative Youth Awards were founded by the Bay Area Creative Foundation to foster artistic expression and creativity in high school students. CYA Artists receive expert feedback, recognition, and award opportunities for their creative projects. Submission categories honor a variety of artistic media, and student works are reviewed by a panel of creative industry leaders and professional artists who share a dedication to inspiring creative exploration and celebrating artistic pursuits.

“Congratulations to our extraordinary SD art students! The collective SD achievements in the CYA Art Contest are a testament to the technical skill, dedication, and artistic vision of our art students. The diverse range of artwork honored by CYA reflects the unique individual voices and perspectives our SD art students bring. The success in this competition showcases the strength of our art program and our amazing team of teachers. I am proud of our students for taking the risk to submit their artwork to share with the world.”
– Carina Ybarra
Art Department Chair

Surveillance copyright May W 2023

May W. ’24
Superior Award, plus a cash prize

Artist Statement: “This series of works is called ’Surveillance,’ loosely inspired by the theory 'Panopticon' put forward by philosopher Jeremy Bentham, the novel ’1984’ by George Orwell, and from my personal experience…” 
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Empty Space copyright Maeve K

Maeve K. ’24
“Empty Space”
Exceptional Award, plus a cash prize

Artist Statement: “This artwork is about the loss of my cat, Chester. When he disappeared, I felt like my whole world was crumbling around me…” 
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Eternity.001 copyright Teresa G

Teresa G. ’23
Superior Award, plus a cash prize

Artist Statement: “Butterfly embodies the resilience of lovers in the afterlife, which is inseparable from…” 
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Transient Dream copyright Kyra W

Kyra W. ’24
“Transient Dream”

Artist Statement: “My general impression of Japanese culture.”
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In The Name of Nature copyright Scoot W

Scoot W. ’23
“In the Name of Nature”

Artist Statement: “I believe art is all the more powerful for its potential to influence other people. In my case…”
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A Broken Window To The Soul copyright Kate E

Kate E. ’25
“A Broken Window To The Soul”
Special Award, plus a cash prize

Artist Statement: “I grew up hearing “The eye is the window to your soul” and people would say that they knew who people are and how they felt just by looking into a person’s eye. However…”
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The Visionary copyright Zhalet (Rebekah) B

Zhalet B. ’25
“The Visionary”
Special Award, plus a cash prize

Artist Statement: “My self-portrait, ’The Visionary’, represents my struggle with identity and finding my place in the world…”
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