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Upper School Band Rocks the House!
US Band Workshop performance


The SD Upper School Rock Band was at it again this week, performing incredible music at the Carol Franc Buck Hall of the Arts! The band rocked their way through various classic tunes from artists including Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra, Jack Johnson, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Primus, Queens of the Stone Age, and Kansas. What a show! 

“I am so proud of the musicians that our students are, and for the band's performance tonight,” exclaimed Contemporary Music Instructor and bandleader Ari Giancaterino. “They gave an incredible show. What's more—this was music that the students themselves selected. They were so passionate about this material, and we wanted to showcase that passion.” 

This was the first of many after-hours concerts to come for SD's rock band, including a May 12 gig at the Phoenix Theatre in Petaluma.

Thank you to Vivian L. ’24 for the poster art.

Rock on!