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Understanding Where Our Water Comes From

Our Fourth Grade classes headed outdoors recently into the Mt. Tam Watershed to learn more about water conservation in Marin County. Led by a guest scientist from the Marin Municipal Water District, the students visited Lake Lagunitas to learn about our drinking water supply, where it comes from, and how it comes to us in our homes. This field trip brought their recent study unit on weather to life, and highlighted an important aspect of weather in California: drought. The students learned about water usage, the water cycle from reservoir to tap and beyond, and the positive impact water conservation can make for people, animals, plants, and the land.

After a picnic under the redwood trees, a hike around Lake Lagunitas, and scientist-led activities like tracking the life cycle of a molecule of water, the day concluded with a gratitude circle on the shores of the reservoir. Several of the students mentioned what they were grateful for:

“That water comes to me, and I don’t have to carry it from a well.”

“That I have access to clean water and can visit outdoor spaces like this.”

“That I get to go on field trips.”

“I’m grateful to the people that taught us and the people that brought us (our chaperones).”


4th Grade at Lake Lagunitas