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Third Grade Students Present Original Springtime Parables
3rd Grade Parable Plays in the Garden


“There is so much beauty all around us - sunshine, flowers blooming, and the laughter of children. Spiritual traditions around the world tell stories to illustrate what we can learn from nature, from the seasons, and from all growing things. They tell us how we can learn from the harmony of nature to become more present in our own inner lives.

Our third-grade students have been learning these nature stories from Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Native American cultures. After reading and reflecting on the meaning of the stories, each student wrote an original parable based on their own interpretation. Tenth graders from SD’s Myth and Meaning class partnered with our third graders to help them turn their parables into small plays, as our students chose roles, planned out their parts, and memorized lines. 

On a beautiful afternoon, students and their families gathered in the Garden of Hope to present these plays, celebrating the wonderful stories of life, nature, and the beauty of springtime.”

– Mirza Khan, Director of Philosophy, Ethics, and World Religions; Erin Rose Krizek, Third Grade Teacher; Dodie Baker, Third Grade Teacher