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Theatre Honors Students Showcase Their Work

This is a very exciting time for the Theatre Department, and certainly for our seniors, for our Theatre Honors students recently presented this year’s Capstone Performances! 
Theatre Honors is a UC-approved, college-level course, and throughout the year students refine their acting skills in a variety of complex scripts from different genres, while engaging in deep analysis of the texts. The culminating requirement of the course is for each student to be the artistic lead in a production with their peers. This year, we had four wonderful plays, all unique and entertaining, representing the two options available to students: to work with a published script or their own original script. The Capstones are rightfully popular with our student body, and watching our student-directors’ terrific work on stage is one of my absolute favorite parts of my job. I am so proud of them!

– Jen Grimes, Theatre Honors Teacher

“Writing my own play has been a great experience; I can combine my love for history, humor, and of course The Beatles, into something that other people will enjoy, and that’s an amazing feeling. I also have a greater appreciation for everyone else who does this, because it is hard! However, even through the challenges, it makes it all worth it when I can see everything come together.” 
- Maeve K. ’24, writer and director of Better Mop Than Never
“I have been performing ever since the age of 5 and have always been interested in the work that goes on behind the scenes. It is amazing to see my creative visions come to life and to see the ways that a play grows from start to finish. When I saw the actors carry out my vision, I was filled with joy and laughter.”
- Briar O’C. ’24, director of Soap Opera

“As someone who has never written or directed a play before Capstones, I wasn’t sure how people would feel about my work, or whether it would be taken seriously at all. As the rehearsal process has continued, I’ve become incredibly proud of my actors, and that has helped me be more proud of myself. Being able to work alongside actors who truly have stepped up to their roles and embraced their characters has only made me love my play even more.” 
- Chloe O’S. ’24, writer and director of Wrong Number
“With tight schedules and unforgiving deadlines, there was admittedly a part of me that was concerned if we would be able to make it happen. Yet, during the very first run-through with my cast, I was overjoyed to see just how much each of them loved the play, and just how excited they were to perform it. From having just two weeks to memorize lines to perfecting their comedic timing, the cast camaraderie was unwavering, and I could not be more grateful for each of them, and I’m just as excited as they are to finally bring this play to you!”
- Gavin K. ’24, director of The Mystery at Twicknam Vicarage