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Theatre Arts Celebrates Four-Year Training Program
9th Theatre Arts presents Love/Sick

The recent Theatre 1 production of Love/Sick by John Cariani is a big day for Theatre Arts at SD, representing a milestone for faculty and students alike.

“With this production, we were able to complete our vision for a comprehensive, four-year Theatre Arts training program,” shared Theatre Arts Instructor Jen Grimes. “This full-length play is the culminating project for Ninth Grade Theatre 1, and is a new addition to the curriculum.” This became possible because this year Arts 1 courses became full-year courses. Prior to this year, they were semester or trimester courses. 

“A full year of curriculum allowed the course to move from being an introduction to acting and theatre production for the general student body to a scaffolded, skills-building curriculum for actors, focused on introducing the acting techniques further developed in the established curricula of Theatre 2, 3, and Honors,” explained Ms. Grimes proudly.

Love/Sick is a studio production, focusing on the acting,” continued Grimes. “Studio productions are minimal, performed in smaller, non-traditional venues. Love/Sick is the perfect play for a studio production, and it’s perfect for the talented young actors in Theatre 1, as they flex their acting muscles in this clever and compelling comedy/drama.”

“We performed the piece in the Theatre Room (our very own actor’s studio, a new space this year). This in itself will bring a new dimension to the Theatre Arts program, because it adds a new performance space and style.”

9th Theatre Arts presents Love/Sick