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The Start of Something Special
Harry Maxon

A year ago, when I took the plunge to leave Los Angeles to accept the position of Director of Digital Arts at San Domenico, I did so because I have never encountered a school that was more in line with my pedagogical beliefs: education should be exceptional, personalized, collaborative, and most importantly, purposeful. 

Having built film and digital arts programs at top schools in Los Angeles and Florida, I recognized immediately that SD would be the perfect environment to create a truly singular digital arts program, one that offers students college-level opportunities that connect with their lives, interests, and potential futures.

In this first year alone, we have seen our vision for Digital Arts at SD beginning to bloom. From a senior writing a TV pilot that he hopes to sell to Hollywood, to Middle and Upper School students getting their work accepted into film festivals, we are already seeing what happens when students are given the tools and guidance to pursue their own visions.

And this is just the beginning…

I am most excited to report that we are undergoing a massive upgrade this summer. When students return to campus in the fall, our Digital Arts spaces and resources will be unrecognizable to them. We will have new computers, cutting-edge cinema cameras, and state-of-the-art production tools. Combined, these resources will provide an unbelievable range of opportunities. Our students will be empowered to create animations; build video games; write screenplays and produce narrative and documentary films for festival submission; compose film scores and digital music; make posters, album covers, and t-shirt art; write and illustrate children’s books, build motion-capture 3D worlds, and so much more.

In short, our students will be able to pursue almost anything they can imagine. Not only will these opportunities be second to none, but more importantly, they are designed explicitly with the intent of helping our students find their individual purposes: their purpose in the classroom every day; their purpose in production every year; and, potentially, a purpose for life. That is SD!

I wish you all a wonderful summer, and I cannot wait to introduce you all to our new Digital Arts program in the fall. It is going to be truly exceptional!

Warm regards,
Harry Maxon
Director of Digital Arts

Digital Media