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Social Justice Class Studies Food Insecurity
Social Justice Class learning about food insecurity in the garden classroom

With 60,000 of our neighbors in Marin County facing food insecurity this holiday season, our entire San Domenico K-12 student body is focused on doing everything we can to support those in need with our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. Learning about food insecurity goes beyond collecting cans, and these lessons are brought into the classroom—and garden—as part of our integrated curriculum.

Juniors from Mrs. Hagee’s Social Justice class have spent the last two days visiting the Garden of Hope for very important lessons about food systems. These students are currently researching causes of food and water insecurities around the world and are thinking critically about how they can be changemakers with the resources they have available in their local communities.

Visiting the garden and learning from Sustainability Director Shelley Flint helped students understand the various stages of the industrial food system, as they examined how it is connected to environmental, social, and economic issues we face today. Students also explored how natural systems can provide solutions to heal the land, rather than degrade it, ultimately leading to productive farming and healthy communities and economies.  Students then rolled up their sleeves to experiment with some of the regenerative soil building techniques in the garden.

Social Justice Class learning about food insecurity in the garden classroom