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SD’s Awe Walk Celebrated in UC Berkeley Magazine

“From a lifetime of contemplative walks in nature, I know the experience can provide a transcendent perspective, mainly by feeling connected to something larger than the self.”

Aran Levasseur on the Awe Walk

We are excited to share that SD’s newly minted Awe Walk was recently featured in Greater Good Magazine, a publication focused on science-based insights for a meaningful life. The Awe Walk is a nature trail with seven stations, each with a placard that combines photography and words about contemplative practices, ecological principles, and scientific research that aim to cultivate awe. 

In the article, “How Awe Walks Helped My Students Slow Down,” author and SD teacher Aran Levasseur describes how our Tenth Grade students have found wonder, peace, and inspiration by cultivating a sense of awe while following the meandering trail on the San Domenico campus.

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