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SD Digital Music Vol. 2: Streaming Now!
US Digital Music Class

The creativity never stops for our SD Digital Music students as they recently released their second album on Soundcloud. The all-original works in Vol. 2 are just a few of the many compositions our Digital Music students have been creating this semester. What's more impressive, every note in each of the selected compositions was written by the students. No loops or additive sound files here; just pure, organic, original melodies!

"This was a challenging task to ask of our students, and they succeeded with flying colors," says Digital Music instructor Ari Giancaterino.

Mr. G. adds, "To create your own unique harmonies, chord progressions, drums and percussion lines, and various moving melodies without the assistance of pre-built loops requires a lot of knowledge of music theory. All of our students, even those just starting their musical journey, are showing incredible success in writing their own original ideas and applying their new music theory knowledge. This next volume is a resounding testament to their progress as composers!"

While the theme of this second volume of music is centered around ‘dance music,’ listeners will find that the music is inspired by many more genres and settings—from the world of videogames to sci-fi ambience. The imaginations of our SD students are limitless!

Album Cover: Designed by SD student Orion K.’23 (under direction of Visual Arts teacher Suzanne Kelly)