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San Domenico Rocks San Anselmo Town Hall
Corduroy Visual Rocks Town Hall

Last weekend, SD's very own Upper School Band 'Corduroy Visual' ROCKED the San Anselmo Town Hall. With a large and captive audience gathered outside, spectators from around the community expressed amazement at the musical talents of our incredible students! Alex U. ’24, Ivan K. ’22, Zoe M. ’22, Charlie N. ’23, Hank X. F. ’24, and Jesse R. ’24 (pictured left to right) gave an unforgettable performance to end the summer, but this isn't the end of Corduroy Visual. The band will be recording their very own tracks in a professional studio later this month! 

San Domenico music teacher Ari Giancaterino, who was both witness and coordinator of the performance, said “People came up to me left and right, asking, 'So these are high schoolers? We thought they were professionals!'” With much pride and delight, he responded, “They’re both!” And to that we reply, “Play on!”