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San Domenico Celebrates Day of the Dead

We gathered as a school community this week to celebrate the Day of the Dead, or ‘Día de Los Muertos.’ Traditionally celebrated throughout Mexico and many other Latin American countries, this family holiday welcomes back the souls of the departed to the land of the living, celebrating with food, stories, and laughter. It is a time of remembrance, of joy and celebration, complete with decorated altars, sugar skulls, marigolds, tamales, and pan de muerto. This holiday has indigenous roots linked to the Aztec people who saw death as an ​​integral, ever-present part of life. 

Many of the traditions we shared during our celebration originate from Mexico. Our Spanish teachers chose butterflies, or ‘mariposas,’ as our theme for this year’s Día de los Muertos celebration. Monarch butterflies play an important role in Día de los Muertos celebrations because they are believed to hold the spirits of the departed. Typically, monarchs migrate south at this time of year, usually arriving in México around November 1 and 2, which coincides with Day of the Dead. 

Enjoy the slideshow of our students telling stories, reciting poetry, and dancing to the joyous applause of the entire school.