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ROSE Project Reflection: Inspiring Financial Literacy

The Real Opportunities for Service Education (ROSE) Program is a three-year program in our Upper School that invites students to marry the processes of inquiry and purpose-driven action, in order to give back to their communities in a meaningful way. Students design and implement a service-learning project that engages their passion and directly impacts the School or our wider global community. This process teaches our students that true service is not just volunteering, but gaining the underlying understanding of why we serve our community. In their senior year, students share their completed projects with the SD community. Learn more at

Kyle G '23

“Our generation has a lot going for it. We are forward-thinkers, developers, innovators, and passionate people. So why is it that 70% of lottery winners end up going broke? Because they do not have the skills necessary to make financially smart decisions and protect their assets. For my ROSE project, I wanted to change that by creating an accessible, easy to understand, and relevant financial literacy curriculum, and make it available to high school students. My culminating project is the creation of, a website that provides a learning framework, advisor guides and teaching lessons for students of all ages on topics such as budgeting, using credit cards, and creating saving habits. We are working on incorporating it into the SD Advisory program for next year.

We were born in an era where financial knowledge is vital to success, but isn't taught. EconAid maximizes students' potential and equips them with the skills needed to become financially smart citizens.”

– Kyle G., ’23

Kyle G '23 - EconAid display board 052523

Highlights from Kyle’s EconAid website:

How does EconAid work? 
EconAid's dynamic approach works to impose curriculum on students before they experience financial problems, as it is easier to prevent them than solve them. Our unique blend of in-person curriculum and virtual events allows for students to extend their knowledge as far as they wish. We invite you to learn more about our approach via our curriculum page.

Who can access EconAid's resources?
EconAid is available at no cost to all students. While we are still small, we work to educate as many students as logistically possible. We urge you to contact us if you would like to learn more!

What is the EconAid advantage?
EconAid is unique in that it is taught by students, developed for students, and works for students. We believe this three-prong, student oriented approach best allows us to target the financial literacy gap! Furthermore, we work to educate students often before they even know what "financial literacy" means, and by starting early, we hope to make the most difference in our community.

How can I stay in the loop about all things EconAid?
Make sure to check back at to hear about events, changes, and updates! Sign up for our mailing list here.