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Rock Bands Rise Up at the Phoenix!

The music students of San Domenico reached new heights last weekend, performing before an enchanted audience at the Phoenix Theatre in Petaluma. Under the direction of Contemporary Music Teacher Ari Giancaterino, the Eighth-Grade Band and the Upper School Band Workshop joined forces to give an unforgettable show featuring songs by Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra, Jack Johnson, and Kansas. 

This year also saw the performance of an original work by none other than the Upper School band's very own guitarist Alex U. ’24. Alex's instrumental metal trio piece, entitled PR5, fuses the hard-thrashing, progressive rock timbres and stylings of bands like Tool, with experiments in odd time-signatures, rhythmic modulations, and harmonized riffs. 

Mr. Giancaterino spoke on Alex's piece 'PR5', saying, “Alex has really found a voice as an artist and composer. When I first met him last year, he was already forming great compositional ideas on guitar and in digital composing softwares. However, this year he’s really stepped into his identity as an artist/composer and bandleader with a unique vision. And this piece 'PR5'... man, I hear that and I think... ‘Alex, that’s you... that’s your voice—not a copy of Tool or A Perfect Circle or Radiohead—that's you, Alex... and it's excellent.’”

“All of the band students showed arranging and compositional process through this concert and semester,” Mr. G continued. “Arranging a cover of a song is no easy task, and all of our students were arrangers of songs that they are incredibly passionate about. We had an amazing array of styles, genres, and artists covered in this concert, and our students were the arrangers and idea-makers for key choices behind every song.”

On a stage lit by a hue of aquatic blue, with shifting colors and light effects, San Domenico bands took center stage and rocked the house. Audience members cheered as the band thundered their notes throughout the immense performance hall. It was a night of true musicianship and artistry of sound.

“I will always be proud of these fine musicians,” says Giancaterino. “It's nights like these where you learn the most about how to create music with others. I just can’t wait for our students to experience playing at more great venues for great audiences just like this!”

US Band Members

Julia W. ’26 - Vocals
Frederik N. ’25 - Vocals
Alex U. ’24  - Guitar
Jack G. ’26 - Guitar
Miranda D. ’24 - Bass
Arda K. ’24 - Keys
Charlie N. ’23 -   Drums
Jack B. ’23   -  Drums
Hank F. L. ’24  -  Alto Sax

MS Band Members

Brooke E. ’27  - Guitar
Arthur W. ’27   -  Guitar
Larsen H. ’27 -  Vocals
Daschle B. ’27 -  Keys
Zane S. ’27 -  Bass
Charlie R. ’27  -  Drums

SD Band Directors and Instructors

Ari Giancaterino
Rob DeNunzio

Special Thanks to:

Tom Gaffey & The Entire Phoenix Sound Crew/Production Team -

Kenza G. ’26  - Designer of SD Phoenix Theatre Promo Poster (under direction of SD Art Teacher Suzanne Kelly) 

Amanda Sciulla - Videographer