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Panther Spotlight: SD Badminton Takes Second Place in NCS Championships
Panther Spotlight: Badminton

We are no strangers to badminton success at SD, as last year's team won the Bay Area Conference (BAC) under the tutelage of former head coach Julie Lanzarin. So it's safe to say that this year's Head Coach Kathy Hagee had some big shoes to fill. When asked about her mindset going into the season, Coach Hagee told us, “I want to advocate for these athletes and make sure that they have the consistency and stability needed to thrive and perform at their highest levels.” 

Coach Hagee did just that and more, leading the Panthers to a historic finish. After completing the regular season atop the BAC standings, SD took second place at the North Coast Section (NCS) Championships. Not only were the Panthers the only BAC League team to crack the top three, the second-place finish was the best NCS performance in SD Badminton’s illustrious history!

NCS Recap
Cici L. ’23 cruised through her early competition in women’s singles, dominating the bracket until she ran into a nationally-ranked player in the semifinals. Cici played a fantastic game despite the loss and ultimately earned third place in the tournament.

Martin P. ’25 played his heart out while fighting through the consolation bracket to take third place in the men's singles. Despite his exhaustion, Martin demonstrated the tenacity we've grown accustomed to seeing from the three-sport student-athlete.

Becky X. ’23, our last-minute BCL shift from doubles to singles, held her own while shifting from one match to the other. She ended up losing gracefully to Cici in the consolation bracket, but not before placing fifth and earning the team a point!

The focus then shifted to the mixed’s doubles team of Yohan H. ’24 and Wandi F. ’23, the final competition of the day for SD. All but one match went to three games, underscoring their tremendous effort, and after scoring the game-winning point, their expressions were a mix of astonishment and pure joy. 

Coach Hagee said she could not be prouder of the team. “This hard-earned victory marked a historic moment for our school, and I hope we can come together as a community to celebrate their accomplishments and the achievements of our entire team.

They showed up; they practiced hard; they set school records. They are my champions.”