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Panther Spotlight: Flag Football Wins BCL West
SD Flag Football

The flag football team has been crowned champions of the BCL West Club Football League in the team's second year of existence. The team finished with an impressive record of 6-1-1, beating the likes of University, Lick Wilmerding, along the way—an incredible feat, considering the competitiveness of the league and that our team comprises student-athletes who play multiple sports at SD.

“Our rapid growth is down to players buying in,” says Head Coach Mike Fulton. “The boys were open and receptive to feedback, worked hard, and did everything my Assistant Coach and Defensive Coordinator Jason Clarke asked of them. I couldn't ask for a better assistant coach than Jason. He knows football, I trust him without reservation, and we benefit greatly from his presence on the sideline.” 

The team suffered some injuries early on, but the team made some adjustments and never missed a step. Ozzie S. ’23 stepped up when we lost a couple of players to injuries by playing both sides of the ball when needed. He often scored multiple touchdowns and had multiple interceptions at crucial moments throughout the season,” says Coach Fulton.Drake F. ’23, our quarterback, is hands-down the most improved player this year. He's come a long way since last year. Chidera O. ’25 is a close second and was phenomenal when he was available for us at tight end and defensive end. Drew M. ’24 and Blake H. ’24 are also players who contributed significantly throughout the season.”

This team is unique as most student-athletes participate in other sports throughout the year. Both coaches acknowledge that they can get the best out of each player because they have a pre-existing relationship with them. “They know we care deeply about them, so that establishes trust, which is the foundation of a player-coach relationship,” says Assistant Coach Jason Clarke. “They know that if we ask for more of them, it's because we believe in their abilities and want to see them shine.” 

This season was one for the books. We're looking forward to the next!