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Panther Spotlight: Driving Toward Victory
Panther Spotlight: Women's Golf

The Women's Golf team wrapped up the season this week, honoring the team’s seniors at their final match against St. Joseph’s on ThurSD News & Eventssday. After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the Panthers were excited to finally field a team again. For most girls, the first practice was their first time holding a golf club. “Golf can be a long and easily frustrating sport, so seeing the girls learn and improve throughout the season with smiles on their faces was amazing,” says Head Coach Jennifer Ablay.

Ninth graders Liza Z. ’26 and Alicia W. ’26 played in every match this season and regularly work on further developing their skills. The team was led by senior Dylan Y. ’24. She improved each outing, and the positivity she radiates in matches is contagious. Energy like that is welcomed everywhere, especially in a sport like golf and with this current group of players. 

The team consistently improved all season, culminating in a win earlier this week over Holy Names. “Although the score is not the team's number one priority, it is nice to be able to tell the women that their effort paid off and resulted in a score victory,” says Coach Jennifer. “I’m excited to see this team grow and improve as the seasons go on.”