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Panther Spotlight: Carly A. '25 Captures the BCL Singles Championship
Panther Spotlight: Carly A captures the BCL Singles Championship

Carly A. ’25 displayed her prowess on Thursday at Golden Gate Park, securing the BCL Singles Championship in a thrilling match against the second-seeded Kota S. from SF Waldorf. Kota had a big game in the semifinal match, with Carly and Head Coach Rob Jessen noticing her solid serve and power off both sides. To complicate things further, the left-hander makes for a challenging opponent because of how the ball spins off her racket.

As expected, Kota proved to be a formidable opponent, taking an early 5-1 lead. Carly lost three games early in the first set on deuce points, so it didn't feel like she couldn't compete. But she knew she needed to put a few more balls in play and hope her opponent would cool off after hitting some early winners.

Carly's triumph in the face of a 5-1 deficit showcased her tennis prowess and the invaluable coaching she received this season. Reflecting on Coach Rob's impact, Carly shares, “Coach Rob has been a guiding force for me this season. From scheduling practice matches and refining shots on the ball machine to his hands-on approach to building my stroke confidence, he's been an incredible coach both on and off the court. Even in the intensity of matches, Rob's calm and positive coaching, helping me strategize effectively, has played a crucial role in my success.” Coach Jessen's belief in Carly's competitive spirit and game understanding echoes the resilience cultivated through dedicated practice and the unwavering support of her tennis family. This victory is not just an individual achievement but a testament to the collaborative effort that defines Carly's tennis journey.

Carly is SD's first BCL Tennis champion in over a decade. She earned a spot in the upcoming NCS Division II singles tournament, which will take place November 13-14 at Golden Gate Park. Be sure to congratulate her when you see her!