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MS Arts in Action Returns to the Stage

After a two-year hiatus, our live celebration of the Arts in Middle School vibrantly returned to the stage, where our young performers gathered for a concert of music, dance, and theatre at the Carol Franc Buck Hall of the Arts. The lobby, meanwhile, was packed with a stunning display of student visual art.


Dancers thrilled with performances of their own choreography, theatre students kept the audience in stitches, the rock band kept everyone's toes tapping, while the chorus, Advanced Vocal Ensemble, and guitarists showed off how much their skills have developed this year. It was exciting to see so much talent and hard work on display! 

The show concluded with everyone joining the chorus, guitars, and rock band in a closing round of "Hey Jude", a song whose message of optimism, hope, and kindness perfectly captured the spirit of the night.

Congratulations to all of our performers, and thank you to all of the teachers and volunteers whose support allowed us to finish the year on such a positive note!