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Mountain Biking Team Shines in NorCal Championships
Mountain Biking Team Shines

The San Domenico Mountain Biking team capped off an impressive season with a fourth-place finish in the Division 2 NorCal Cycling League High School Championship Race. This year's performance was particularly noteworthy given the strong competition from the field of 35 teams. Marin County rivals Marin Academy, Marin Catholic, and Branson finished eighth, 28th, and 32nd, respectively, in a field of 35 teams.

Throughout the regular season, the Panthers also made their mark by finishing fifth overall in the D2 Redwood Repack Division, competing against 24 teams. This achievement reflects the team’s dedication and hard work as they navigated a competitive field to secure their spot among the top contenders. 

Stellar performances from key riders drove the team's success. Team captain and senior Quinn J. ’24 led the charge, supported by Jake M. ’25, Sarah H. ’26, and Alton B. ’26. Angus B. ’26 and Leandros M. ’27 also made significant contributions to round out the Championships-eligible squad. Head Coach Rachel Lloyd expressed immense pride in her team, praising their hard work and total commitment to every race. “As a small team, we strongly rely on everyone giving their best performance,” Lloyd noted. “We don't have extra riders who can 'fill in' if someone doesn't feel like racing. This shows that our team has a dedicated group of riders who are determined to push through any adversity and challenge to finish as high as possible.”

Coach Lloyd highlighted several key factors contributing to the team’s success this year. “We could count on Quinn for a consistently strong finish in the Varsity girls category for top team points. Another key factor was Jake stepping up huge this year, breaking into the top 20 JV and achieving a third-place finish in JV at our last regular season race. I hope he now feels confident about becoming our top varsity rider next year,” she said. Lloyd also praised Sarah H. for her growth mindset, upgrading from JV2 to JV1 to face tougher competition. “This is the true definition of 'growth mindset,' and I look forward to watching her grow as a racer for the next two years.”

Sarah H. reflected on her season highlight, the last Six Sigma race before the championship weekend. “It was fun to work through the challenge of starting in the last row and to cheer on my friends and teammates all day. It is nice to be one of the four scores for the team,” she said. As the season concludes, the San Domenico Mountain Biking team can reflect on a year of growth and achievement. With a strong foundation and a mix of experienced and upcoming talent, the future looks promising for this dedicated group of athletes.