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Mix it Up Week: A Lesson in Making New Friends

It’s human nature that students may find themselves sitting with the same people at lunch, choosing the same games at recess, or hanging out with the same friend group for activities and school projects. After all, adults usually exhibit the same tendencies. We sometimes forget that doing something different, with somebody different, can be a fun change. 

That’s why we do Mix-It-Up Week this time of year in our Lower School. For three consecutive days this week, our second graders worked on breaking routines, questioning assumptions, and embracing flexibility in what they do and with whom they do it. Using our class set of Fairness Sticks, new partners were matched together for activities throughout the week. These newly matched pairs then selected a free-choice activity for the first day, sat with each other at lunch on the second day, and shared recess together on the third day. We ended the week with students writing each other a compliment note, letting them know something they enjoyed doing with the other person that week. 

Ask your child whom they were partnered with, what they had in common, and how the experience went for them. You’ll be happy to hear that it was such a positive experience that students asked if we can do this on a regular basis. Maybe you can try it for yourself, too!


Second Grade Mix-It-Up Week