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K-12 Collaboration in Human Biology

K-12 Biology Collaboration

Ms. Liu' and Ms. Weber's Kindergarten class marched over to the Upper School recently to participate in a collaborative science project with Twelfth Grade buddies. Human Biology teacher Ms. Churchill greeted the young students and introduced them to their lab partners. The project was a first for most of the students: dissecting a cow's eye!

K-12 Biology Collaboration K-12 Biology Collaboration K-12 Biology Collaboration

"I'm kind of scared but I want to learn," said one of the K students. Her senior buddy leaned in and offered an assuring word and they proceeded with great curiosity.

"With the pairing of the students, there is no pressure on any of the kids and they could really get to know each other. We had plenty of adult supervision but the focus was on the students and it was once again even better than I expected," said Ms. Churchill.

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