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Jefferson Tree Seedlings Planted on SD Campus
Jefferson Tree planting


The original Jefferson Tree is a red oak that dates back around 380 years. The tree was originally grown in Washington, D. C. When the old Jefferson Tree was condemned as hazardous, it was cut down. However, SD alum Hoonae Kim ’75 was able to save some of the acorns and seedlings to preserve this historic tree. She kept the acorns and seedlings and distributed them around the United States, including Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maryland, and now San Domenico. 

Students in AP Environmental Science class looked to do some work around campus after finishing with the AP tests and other academic work. The reason for planting the seedlings is to continue the tree's legacy and history, while being able to give back to the SD community and local ecosystem. While our team worked to plant the trees, we considered both the history of the tree and the start of a new story here on campus. 

The Jefferson Tree seedlings are offspring of the massive red oak that once was in Washington, DC. One tree is now next to the East Dorm behind Mercedes. Another tree is planted in the sun in between the awning and road to the Upper School. The last tree was planted by the teacher/faculty parking lot, in order to bring shade and new scenery.

We hope to return to SD campus one day as alumni ourselves and see the tiny seedlings we planted fully grown and with a new history of their own.

– Ben Smith ’22 and Warren Yang ’22