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Dorm News: Holiday Weekend For All
Cookout at the Dorms

Our students were excited to have their first three-day weekend! This weekend was celebrated with additional trips to San Francisco, including popular tourist destinations such as the Embarcadero, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Pier 39. The weekend was projected to be a really hot one, so the opportunity to enjoy the chill of the city and explore the popular destinations was a great chance for students to explore and avoid the heat. Students who had not yet visited Union Square had the opportunity to shop for school supplies and clothes, while also enjoying different sports stores and resources. Many of our students from Brazil had signed up for Union Square and they enjoyed the great camaraderie in San Francisco!

While on campus, students were able to have more freedom to participate in some of the beautiful activities that San Domenico’s grounds have to offer. Students involved in sports were able to get some time in the gym, weight room, and lots of time at the pool. Our pool was recently renovated and reopened in the last year, so the students have had access to our beautiful pool and aquatic center. In the future, we will be adding a pool house complete with 2,355 square feet of community space. Our students have enjoyed the pool thus far and as we continue to look forward to further developments of the campus we are grateful to all the support San Domenico receives and for developments in the future!

The nearby town of Fairfax has a local movie theater, where students went to see Top Gun on Sunday evening. Fairfax has a small-town feeling, which was just the place for students to get to see a movie and catch up together. One of the benefits to our area is that it is so versatile and gives students the chance to experience so many different types of activities. Students had the opportunity to visit a local pizza parlor nearby the theater, which is lined with trees illuminated by string lights. Students begin the trip with the focus on watching a movie, but get so much more in their visit. 

Boarding Students on campus

Monday was a national holiday, and was also one of the hottest days on record! Our students were able to spend time cooling off in the pool, as well as use the gym, weight room, and HOTA. Several of our members of the Virtuoso Program live on campus in the Boarding Program and it has been a real pleasure to hear them practice their skills. 

Our Varsity Golf Team met for practice on Tuesday, continuing their second week of practice under dorm parent (and coach) Jennifer Ablay’s leadership. Boarding students have the opportunity to have more support on and off the green by having their coach not only available during practice hours, but also during their time within the boarding area. In addition to Coach Ablay, our Resident Life staff includes Mary Churchill who coaches Cross Country for both the Lower and Upper Schools, and Michael Fulton who coaches Flag Football and is our head Coach for Women’s Varsity Basketball–which brought home the State Championship just this last year! 

— Jessica Farley, Resident Dorm Head