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Earth Day Celebrations 2024
Upper and Middle School Earth Day activities


In our 54th year of honoring Earth Day, San Domenico remains dedicated to a tradition upheld since the very first Earth Day in 1970. Earth Day serves as a cornerstone of our school's values, reflecting our ongoing commitment to environmental awareness and proactive efforts to protect our planet.

This week, the entire K-12 campus community, including students, faculty, and staff, gathered on Kesterson Field to commemorate Earth Day 2024. With songs, spoken word, and a reflection by Director of Sustainability Shelley Flint, the students took a moment to acknowledge our Earth before heading off to workshops, guest speakers, and an Environmental Expo for grades five through 12. Here are some highlights from the day:

Keynote Speaker
The students dove deep into the world of whales, courtesy of Greg Finkelstein, a naturalist from Pacific Beach Coalition. He explored all about the mystery, history and threats these magnificent animals are facing, and shared actionable steps we can take to protect them.

Earthday Expo
New this year, the 11th Grade Social Justice class took the lead by hosting an Earth Day Expo, featuring interactive exhibits on the topics of food and farming, water and energy conservation, sustainable fashion, waste management and ethical consumerism. Each exhibit was designed by the students, with the intention to educate and inspire specific actions to benefit the planet. Other activities included an Ethical Clothing Exchange, where students thrift-shopped through donated items on the Senior Lawn, and a Wellness Zone, where students participated in mindfulness meditation, healing sound baths, and yoga sessions led by our very own Biology Teacher Hilary Staples.

Environmental Film Screening, 2040
Through imaginative storytelling, this film offered students a hopeful glimpse into how we can tackle climate change and what technologies exist today that can reverse the effects.


Lower School Earth Day activities


The Lower School also had an exciting lineup of workshops with special guests, including:

Eco-crafts and recycling activities
Hosted by the Upper School Social Justice Club, students made sun prints with flowers and herbs, composted orange peels, and practiced play-based recycling games. 

Insect Discovery Lab
Students got up close and hand-on with live bugs and insects, and learned the important role bugs play in composting. Hosted by

Bird Rescue Center (BRC)
A guest ambassador from BRC brought live birds to a show-and-tell session to educate our students about native bird species, their fascinating adaptations and the essential roles they play in safeguarding our local ecosystems. 

Nature Hike, hosted by Director of Alumni Relations Charis Adams and her dog Hodor.
Students hit the trail on San Domenico’s Awe Walk to experience our beautiful campus.