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Dorm News: Blowing Off Steam
Celebrating a birthday in the Dorm

With the memories of Prom lingering and the anticipation of various sports and activities looming, many of our students turned their attention toward the Advanced Placement exams, which began this week. Our juniors and seniors are working hard to prepare for their challenging exams. Each evening, we provide study snacks and activities to help them blow off some steam and fuel their studies. Some of our Upper School administrators and teachers have been providing baked goods, which our students appreciate.

It is also important for us to celebrate our boarding students’ birthdays. Some choose to have a private gathering in their room or lounge, and others prefer that we gather in the Mercedes Courtyard to sing and have cake with everyone present. Recently we celebrated Amanda’s (‘25) birthday in Mercedes with cake and cookie decorating: “I had so much fun. It was a really great birthday and I just want to thank the Resident Faculty for everything they do for our birthdays.” Happy Birthday, Amanda!

This weekend we have some off-campus trips planned, and will continue to provide fun opportunities on campus as well. Good luck to all of our students heading into their second week of AP Exams, we’re very proud of you!

– Sonya Evans, Resident Faculty and Upper School English Teacher