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Dorm News: Stormy Skies & Basketball
Boarding students at the state championships


This week, San Domenico was wildly celebrating the Women’s Varsity Basketball team! The entire boarding program went to Sacramento to cheer on our team as they faced the same opponents from last year, Shalhevet, for the CIF State Championship. It was an incredibly close game, with our girls giving it their all, and our students cheering them on from the sidelines. Shalhevet ultimately won by a narrow margin, and our team and students returned to campus to celebrate the end of the postseason. We also celebrated Maja C. ’23 in her last game for San Domenico. After an exciting day in Sacramento, most students relaxed on campus for some low-key activities on Friday, working on homework in Mercedes Lounge and visiting local destinations such as 4th Street in San Rafael or shopping in Vintage Oaks, Novato. 

On Saturday, many students joined Resident Faculty Hailie Wise and Teacher Mary Churchill at a local rock climbing gym, baked cookies in Mercedes with Resident Faculty Jessica Farley, and later played dodgeball in the San Domenico gym. The night continued with an “open” dorm event in North 1, where students from all buildings could join one another in North 1 to play games, eat chicken wings, and share in the space that many students are unable to visit frequently. Still recovering from the busy day on Friday, students enjoyed having down time and socializing with one another as they continued their long weekend. 

Boarding students at the climbing gym


By Sunday, many students had regained their energy and went on a beach cleanup in San Francisco, explored Japantown in San Francisco (a fan favorite and highly-requested), visited Corte Madera’s two malls (Town Center and the Villages), and partook in a few on-campus activities including the usual practicing of musical instruments in the Conservatory, working out in the gym and weight room, and played laser tag in the rain. Everyone has grown tired of the rain! However, baking, cooking sweet potato gnocchi with Resident Faculty and chef Matt Polsinello and guest chef and Resident Faculty Charis Adams, and watching movies in their lounges were relaxing and fun rainy day activities.

On Monday, during a professional development day for teachers, students had the day free to relax, prepare for the week, or return to campus if they had left for the weekend. For students who were still on campus, we held additional cooking classes with Chef Matt and additional baking with Mrs. Jessica. Chef Matt taught how to make chicken salad wraps, and Mrs. Jessica introduced students to Palacsinta (Hungarian dessert/breakfast), also known as Palačinky in Czech. Students who had been off campus returned under stormy skies to enjoy the usual Sunday schedule of quiet hours, exercising in the gym and weight room, and getting some well deserved early rest for the upcoming week.

On Tuesday, our school week began in earnest, despite the continued poor weather and temporary power outage associated with the wind. Students enjoyed returning to their classes and continuing their academics as the week wore on. By Wednesday and Thursday, our typical sunny weather had returned, with sunshine and warm temperatures that made it seem as though the rainy weather had never occurred. Thank goodness everyone could head outside into the sunshine and relish in the warmer weather!

– Resident Dorm Head Jessica Farley