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Dorm News: Prom Night
Boarding students head to prom

The end of the school year brings many special activities and celebrations, with prom being one of the highlights of the season. With the previous two years canceled due to COVID-19, our students were especially excited to attend last weekend’s prom. We provided several trips for students to purchase their outfits and accessories, as well as to get their hair and nails done. Everyone looked incredible! The venue was at the Conservatory of the Flowers in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, with the school providing transportation. Resident Faculty Mary Churchill took pictures of our boarding students before they left, explaining, “It’s an American tradition for the parents to take lots of pictures!” Students had a wonderful time reporting, “It was so beautiful!”

Boarding students head to prom

This week as we head into two weeks of AP exams, our prefects have come up with ways to blow off steam during their long hours of study and preparation. At the top of the list is study snacks! They especially appreciate homemade treats, so this year we’re asking Upper School faculty to bring in baked goods. We have many responders and are looking forward to these generous gifts! We’re proud of our students for working hard and for learning how to balance their studies with a little fun!

We’d like to acknowledge all of the boarding students who make up this year’s badminton team. Under the incredible coaching of our own Julie Lanzarin, The San Domenico Panthers Badminton Team beat Lick Wilmerding 8-1, finishing the League in first place with an 11-1 Record! Congratulations, Badminton Team!
#1 Men's Singles: Stanley Ma (21-12/18-21/21-19) W (League Play 11-1)
#2 Men's Singles: Eric Liu (21-9/21-14) W. (Undefeated in League play)
#1 Women's Singles: Cici Lin  (21-6/21-6) W  (League Play 11-1)
#2 Women's Singles: Scoot Wang (21-9/21-6)) W (Undefeated in League play)
#1 Men's Doubles:  Martin Peng & Kevin Yang (16-21/21-16/21-19) W
#2 Men's Doubles: Ivan Ban & Dylan Song (25-23/21-15) W
#1  Becky Xiang/ Pinkie Chan (16-21/21-16/21-19) L
#2 Kelly Cui / Aarya Chowdhry (23-21/21-19) W
Mixed Doubles:  Wendy Feng &Yohan Hong (17-21/23-21/21-12) W
– Sonya Evans, Resident Faculty and Upper School English Teacher

Badminton Team