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Dorm News: Prom!
Dorm News - Prom!


This week, each day in boarding brings unique opportunities to capture and honor the achievements of our peers, and to reach for gratitude in the transition of packing up, planning for the future, and previewing nostalgia for this one-of-a-kind place. San Domenico Prom was last Saturday, and our juniors and seniors looked stunning and smart in their formal ensembles. Boarding was busy all morning making sure hair, nails, and outfits were on point, and corsages were popping. “Prom was fun,” seemed the general student consensus. But for those I spoke with, the most memorable aspect was getting ready together, and recapping the night afterwards at various afterparties and sleepovers with close friends. Students Rosie S. ’25 and Aarya C. ’24 took their prom photos with canine resident and boarding icon Hodor, looking very much the gentleman in his bowtie collar! On Wednesday morning, a small group got up before the sun and took a hike up to the top of the hills surrounding campus, the destination a small clearing with a lookout to the sea. A fog bank cleared just in time to enjoy the first yellow rays cutting into a crisp blue morning. “I don’t want to say goodbye to this place,” shared Vesta J. ’25. “There’s a saying in Lithuanian that your body travels by plane, train, or car, but your soul travels by foot. So when I leave here, my soul will take a while to catch up.”

Seniors were busy during the week preparing their ROSE Program project presentations, and on Thursday we gathered in Dominican Hall to hear all about the impacts each service created for different corners of our global community. Vule R. ’24 reflected, “It was nice to see how something so small, like bringing groceries to an elder in need, really made a difference in their day.” Sarah W. ’24, one of a small team operating an LGBTQ program aiming to update Pride policies for the school district, remarked “Time management, scheduling, and coordinating are invaluable skills that I will carry forward into college and the workforce.” Arda K. ’24, whose project involved protecting endangered Mediterranean monk seals, shared, “I gained a deeper understanding of the importance of community involvement and continuous education in promoting sustainable practices.” In touring through our seniors’ presentations, it was clear that they embody SD’s motto, and through their study, reflection, community, and service, that they have bloomed into well-rounded and remarkable individuals with whom we are proud to share our time. 

After sports award banquets, student body elections, so many rehearsals, and the last of AP testing, our Panthers still made time for fun, decorating the courtyard with chalk art, squeezing in another round of Wordle, grabbing great food and trinkets on trips to Japantown in San Francisco, and a Himalayan Fair in Berkeley. The Catalyst Dance concert kicked off Thursday night with gorgeous costumes, choreography with thrilling lifts and spins, and heartfelt surprises. Towards the end, the audience was on their feet and thundering applause for SD’s talented performers. The feeling of the crowd leaving the Hall of the Arts lived up to the concert’s theme, “Catalyst,” energized like a chemical reaction generated from hours of teamwork, passion, and synchronicity.

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