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Dorm News: Happy Thanksgiving
Boarding Students on stage in Matilda


Matilda started this week! Students involved in the play have been working diligently on preparing, practicing, and filming. Our boarding students played various roles on stage and behind the scenes as crew: : Jojo W. ’23, Kelly C. ’23, Lily S. ’24, May W. ’24, Oliver Y. ’23, Owen C. ’23 and Scoot W. ’23. Liza K. ’26 worked in the tech room filming the show, and  has been working closely with Director of Digital Arts Harry Maxon. She is interested in all things theatre-related, and Matilda gave her the chance to put some of the skills she has learned with Mr. Maxon to use. 

The students took various trips into San Francisco last weekend, including shopping and ice-skating on the winter ice rink at Union Square, and grabbed lunch at various restaurants. Everyone loves the chance to spend time in San Francisco! More fun was had at the Mini-Art Mart in Japantown, a monthly event with an entire weekend of activities: local artists displaying original anime/manga drawings, a cosplay event for visitors, and pop-up activities around every corner. Our students loved shopping and checking out all the artists.

This week, the students are busily preparing for the end of fall semester. In between midterms, the students squeezed in a mid-week trip to the movies to see the new Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Those who went loved it so much that the teachers organized another trip to see it again on Friday night at our local Fairfax theater. Long Live Wakanda!

Our special Thanksgiving Community Dinner is this week! Although the official Thanksgiving day is next week, we gathered together early to celebrate the season of giving thanks before students leave for break. During our Thanksgiving celebration, students were able to learn about the American holiday while also giving thanks and appreciation for the time together, the meal we share, and other blessings we have. 

Thanksgiving celebration in the dorms