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Dorm News: Fall is in the Air!
Making Pizzas and Making Slime


Good weekends start off with good food! Students were welcomed to make different entrees and side dishes from China, using various methods and sharing with one another. Mercedes Lounge offers a fully equipped kitchen and the Boarding program provided the supplies and instruction, so students could either practice their cooking skills or learn to cook for the first time. Part of the joy of the Boarding program is that students learn new skills and hone old skills that together lead to independence. Many of our students participated and practiced preparing food for themselves–a life skill they can bring to college and beyond. 

Saturday brought a change of scenery, as students took day trips to Japantown and Sausalito. One of our students mentioned how much she was looking forward to reading outside at a local park along the shores of the San Francisco Bay. During the trip to Japantown, students enjoyed sitting out in the Peace Plaza at first, but as the temperature dipped, they wandered inside into different restaurants, including Benihana. As we approach the fall and winter seasons, students are stocking up on supplies and meals for the colder weather, heading into Nijiya Market to stock up on teas and ingredients for soup. 

Sunday was our first rainy day on campus! Students were able to enjoy the rain by making slime in Mercedes’ Lounge and taking group trips around Marin County. Stefan, one of our longtime dorm parents, brought in his sewing machine and worked on different sewing projects with students. Several students made handmade bags from different textiles. Additionally, students were able to gather in different dorm lounges to watch movies and play video games. The second floor of the buildings have become popular lookout spots for students during the rain, where they could enjoy the weather and keep warm. 

As the school week began again, students were able to enjoy a reprieve from the rain. Sports are up and running this year as many teams are meeting and practicing, as well as conditioning for their upcoming seasons. Coach Mike, dorm parent and head coach of the Women’s Basketball team, has been opening the weight room daily for students interested in conditioning for their respective teams. As you may know, Coach Mike led the Women’s Basketball team to a State Championship last year, and his training and support has been instrumental for their winning season. His support and encouragement for other SD teams is amazing for those seeking similar successes. 

– Jessica Farley, Resident Dorm Head