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Dorm News: Creating Community
Boarding students gathering as a community


Wow, what a week we have had! From inclement weather to hosting prefects from neighboring schools for our annual SD prefect outing, our SD Boarding community has shown what a resilient and joyful bunch of students and staff we are!

Students spent much of this week gathering together for study sessions, including Kayla L. ’26 and prefect Martin P. ’25 who focussed on physics homework. Courtney T. ’24, Rosie S. ’25, and Ema P. ’25 spent time together in the kitchen cooking and hanging out. 

On Sunday, the SD prefects welcomed fellow prefects from two other boarding schools to tour our campus, enjoy a wonderful brunch by Epicurean, and discuss different ways that prefects help students on campus. We learned from one another and shared how we each approach the role of prefect. We were so grateful to have student leaders Aarya C. ’24, Aaron G. ’24, Amarah A. ’24, Carmellina C. ’24, Chi O. ’25, Ellie L. ’24, Harley V. ’25, and Saliah J. ’25 play the role of host, leader, and supporter for our visiting prefects. 

Just as our event ended, the power outage began! Our student leaders jumped into action, entertaining and enjoying themselves despite having no electricity. From juggling lessons with Resident Faculty and Chef Matt Polsinello, coloring with Resident Faculty Rachel Greenwood, Cara P. ’27, Sela F ’24, and Dylan S. ’25, or just hanging out in Mercedes, it turned into a restful and social evening.

On Monday, students enjoyed a day away from school due to the power outage. Events of the day included pick up soccer games hosted by Santi R. ’25, Adrian H. ’24, Quan D. ’25, as well as our monthly community dinner hosted by the Asian Student Association to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Students loved the roaring woodfire in the dining hall, which added to the sense of community as we enjoyed its warmth and the feeling of camaraderie. 

Dorm News Highlight: I interviewed Head Prefect and graduating senior Aarya C., as she looks back on her time in boarding and towards her future. One memorable quote stuck out to me during our interview:

“...The memories I have made here with my friends or faculty have been both immeasurable and extremely precious to me. I will remember and miss Mercedes the most, just being there with my friends, enjoying each others’ company, knowing that at the end of the day I was not alone in my happiness, in my experiences, in my grief or my sadness. I will miss and remember the innumerable nights I spent in the West 1 Lounge having some of the most random and meaningful conversations with Mrs. Jessica and other Resident Faculty that stayed after room checks. I will remember playing badminton at night in the gym and working out in the weight room at 9 p.m. with some of the loudest music I have ever heard. I will remember going to Chinatown for the Lunar New Year Parade every year, and being out in the streets of San Francisco - sometimes even in the rain - until 10 p.m. at night trying out new restaurants and tea. I will remember overcoming COVID, power outages, and rain storms, amidst laughter.”
Aarya C. ’24

Her descriptions of community—the true community felt here—was deeply moving for me, especially as she said “Your campus will be your home, not just for its name, but for all the things it will bring to you...” We have been so blessed to be a part of the lives of so many students here. As we look ahead at their wonderful futures, I cannot overstate how excited I am to see what lies ahead for Aarya C.!

– Resident Faculty Supervisor and Dorm Head Jessica Farley