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Dorm News: Chicago! Basketball! Break!

On Thursday,  our men’s and women’s varsity soccer teams came together for some scrimmages on Kesterson Field. A rousing crowd of student fans cheered on both teams from the bleachers! Many of our boarding students make up the varsity squads, including Carmellina C. ’24, Amarah A .’24, Ana W .’24, Courtney T. ’24, Davi F. ’25, Ridwaan A. ’26, and Quan D. ’25. We cheered them on with enthusiasm from the Mercedes Courtyard to the dorm balcony of West 2!

Friday was opening night for our musical: Chicago! Among the cast and crew were our very own Henry S. ’26, Harry F. ’27, Lily S. ’24, Helen H. ’24, Jamelle N. ’24, and Lauren S. ’27, who took us back in time to 1920s Chicago, complete with crime, intrigue, and singing. From a packed house, students cheered on their friends and peers as the actors performed, danced, and sang their hearts out. Students dressed up for opening night and purchased goodies and snacks during intermission. The singing and dancing was phenomenal, engagement with the audience not to be missed, and the backstage crew provided seamless spotlighting for each singer and dancer. 

There were two performances of Chicago! on Saturday, plus many other activities around campus. There were basketball games of all levels in the afternoon, including men’s varsity and junior varsity teams playing back-to-back away games against Marin Catholic. Athletes heading over to MC included Kris J. ’25, Arthur M. ’24, and Stephen S. ’26. The women’s varsity and junior varsity teams, plus men’s frosh basketball, played at home in our gymnasium. Those team players included Tosia K. ’25, Amahji C. ’24, and Nam N. ’25. For those looking to stretch their legs or explore the multiverse, we offered trips to Japantown for their Mini-Art Mart and the hotly-anticipated opening week showing of The Marvels at the Fairfax movie theater.


Boarding students at Community Dinner and more


On Sunday, we celebrated the final show of Chicago!, celebrating our seniors as they wrapped up their final stage performances. Our seniors include Lily S., Helen H., and Jamelle N., all of whom have been involved in the arts at San Domenico throughout their time here. In Mercedes Lounge, we offered our weekly baking class (cookies!) in anticipation of the break ahead. Resident bakers Cara P. ’27, Kayla L. ’26, Paola E. ’27, Liza K .’26, and Arda K. ’24 debated when is it “too early” to prepare or decorate for the Winter holidays, as we made Thanksgiving sugar cookies and macaroons. The activity was completed with decorating Mercedes with Thanksgiving decorations and listening to Thanksgiving songs on Spotify. 

Students returned to school on Monday, enjoying the rainy weather and the final approach toward the Thanksgiving Break. Included in this time was our “Eastgiving” Community Dinner, a time to give thanks hosted by our East Building. The meal offered not only traditional American Thanksgiving fare, but also space for the students to write whom or what they are thankful for this year. These spaces were filled with names of friends and family, the simple joy of enjoying apples, opportunity to be here this year, and ongoing health. As the meal ended and students packed up, we were serenaded by Amarah A., Carmellina C., and Ana W. ’25, who stepped up to the microphone with a beautiful and impulsive offering of song. 

After dinner, our students headed over to the library, building lounges, and Mercedes Lounge to study or complete summative assessments. For students looking to release some pent-up energy, we offered early morning weight room sessions, as well as a Sunrise Hike on Wednesday morning. As the students wrap up the last of their work before break, we share their gratitude, experiences, and joys with you and all of their family and friends!

– Resident Faculty Supervisor and Dorm Head Jessica Farley