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Dorm News: Welcome Home!
Boarding Students on campus and at the Golden Gate Bridge


Welcome students and families to the 2022-2023 school year at San Domenico School! We have been working tirelessly this summer to prepare for the year ahead and could not be more excited to see you all here with us now!

We have quite a few plans on the horizon and this weekly news post will be your hub for the goings-on here at San Domenico, from updates about on campus activities to the many amazing things your students will be participating in this year. 

Prefects joined campus a bit earlier to help set up the floors and welcome the new students. We have one of the best groups of prefects this year and seeing their care and attention to each floor really shows how important this community is to each and every one of our students. Between choosing themes for the floors and getting ready to support all of our new and returning students, the prefects are ready to step into their leadership roles within the community. 

Boarding Students Move-In Day

Move-in day was a complete success, as well! We had new students from more than 17 countries joining us this year, and orientation gave us the chance to acclimate them to the new area and make new friends along the way. New and returning students were  welcomed to campus with a flurry of activities and support from many different departments. From the Upper School teachers greeting their new pupils, to our Marketing team providing sweatshirts, pendants, and other Panther gear, our campus was a flurry of excitement and welcome!

During our new student orientation, we had our traditional walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. Students were greeted with a foggy view over the bridge, while also staying comfortably  warm. Students were blessed with a variety of boats to view, including sailboats, which was exciting for the students who are joining our sailing crew. 

August, of course, also brings the first day of school! New and returning students jumped right into the school year and we have been so happy to help them get back into their school work and seeing friends. After the whirlwind of their first day, the boarding program offered a movie on Kesterson field, complete with popcorn and snacks. 

Keep your eyes out for the next installment of San Domenico Dorm News, and Go Panthers!

Boarding Students and Families