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Dorm News: Back from Spring Break
Boarding students on Spring Discovery

It’s been a busy two weeks for everyone in the dorms. Everyone had a great time on their Spring Discovery trips, coming back tired but happy after their adventures. In all of our various meetings this week, students have shared how their trips helped them to feel more connected to the environment and to each other. 

We transitioned from Spring Discovery into Spring Break, with many students going home or on personal trips. Around fifty students remained, and we provided plenty of trips and experiences for them, including a trip to Stanford, as well as trips to shopping centers and to the movies. On campus we had movie nights, grilling, and lots of time to enjoy the pool, the gym, and the weight room. On Easter morning, students woke up to find plastic eggs with candy hidden all over the dorms, thanks to our Resident Easter Bunnies, the Churchills! Students appreciated the thoughtful treats.

Before we knew it, school was back in session and we jumped right back into our routines. Our Badminton Team, which is made up of many of our boarding students, is having an incredible season with our resident Coach Julie Lanzarin. Our students are preparing for AP tests, which begin May 2nd. And we’re looking forward to Prom this weekend! We will have a bus traveling from San Domenico to The Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. This is our first Prom in three years, and everyone is very excited. This is the time of year that tends to move quickly, marked by many events and milestones. We look forward to celebrating them together!

– Sonya Evans, Resident Faculty and Upper School English Teacher


Boarding students on Spring Discovery