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Dance Ensemble Performs Before Packed House

After months of rigorous rehearsals, the Upper School dancers were standing in the wings last week, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to showcase their hard work. The Annual Spring Dance Concert was well worth the wait, as the dancers performed 21 remarkable pieces before they took their final bows.

The title of this year’s concert was “PARADIGM”—chosen to reflect the current identity and set of values within the Dance Department. 

“It is about who we are, right now, right at this moment in our collective histories,” explains Dance Teacher Alyssa Carnahan. “It is about letting go of past expectations, and embracing new perspectives and ways of looking at the world.”
“PARADIGM” had something for everyone. The audience heard familiar music, including songs from Adele, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Michael Bublé, and the Broadway musical Chicago. The concert featured a range of dance styles, including ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, and hip hop, choreographed by students and faculty members. Some dances were tender and emotional, while others were entertaining, powerful, and triumphant. Each of the pieces demonstrated the performers’ pure love and joy for dance. Audience member and SD teacher Yoel Inskindir agreed, saying “The 21 pieces flowed together so well, and the student's love for the program emanated from the stage.”
Congratulations to the Dance Department and to each of our talented dancers!