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Dance Concert Lights the Stage on Fire
Catalyst Dance concert


San Domenico’s annual Upper School Dance Concert showcased the work of all of the Upper School dance classes, the SD Dance Ensemble, and other special guests. This year’s concert, entitled “Catalyst,” was an explosive and joyful exploration of change. The concert featured original choreography by faculty and students, in a variety of styles including contemporary, jazz, ballet, and hip hop.

“‘Catalyst’ was a wonderful showcase of our students' tremendous talent and hard work,” exclaimed Dance Teacher Alyssa Carnahan. “I am so proud of what our dancers accomplished this year.”

Audience members couldn’t have agreed more:

I have to add my praises. What an incredible show! I'm blown away by the hard work and dedication of the students and faculty. It was such an expression of joy. I am especially impressed with all of the student choreography. That is such a hard thing to do and their pieces were incredible. I don't know that I will ever hear Love Shack again without seeing Butchie with his entourage shimmying around (and around and around). Everybody was moving, everybody groovin’.

It was clear from the way they dance together, as well as from the blooper reel and the heartfelt messages the students gave to the seniors, that the dance studio is a sacred space for them on campus to shed their blood, sweat, and tears, blow off steam, express themselves, and grow together as dancers and individuals. I'm grateful to be a part of a school that provides artistic outlets for our students. For many of them that will be what defines their SD experience. 

– Sonya E.

Every single number was sensational. There was a great blend of music and dance styles, amazing costumes, stunning choreography, and a level of athleticism that left me feeling tired just from watching. The annual dance show is ALWAYS a treat and tonight did not disappoint.

– Ken H.

So many bravos to Dance Teacher Alyssa Carnahan, the dancers, and the tech crew. The show was beyond impressive. I’m so very proud of the dancers… I smiled, I cried, I boogied in my seat. 

– Krista A.

Wow, what an amazing show! The audience was so energized!

– Alan M.

Catalyst Dance concert