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Cultivating Kindergarten Readers

Who better to read to than your best friend? Kindergarten students brought their favorite stuffed animals to school and advanced their reading skills by reading aloud using phonics, snap words, and first-letter clues. After all, making reading fun is one of the first steps in the process of creating lifelong readers.

Teacher Sophie Ramirez begins this learning activity by having the students seated on the floor, stuffies safely tucked away in their cubbies. She models reading to her stuffie, Puppy, all the while sharing her reading tips and tricks, such as first taking a sneak peek through the whole book first to see what the book is about. Then Ms. Ramirez reads the book out loud to her stuffie together with the class, demonstrating using snap words, pointing at words, and looking at the first letter of each word and the pictures to help figure out what is happening in the story. 

Then comes the best part! Each child races to their cubby to get their own stuffie for a one-on-one reading session, and reading ensues! 

Reading to stuffies in KG