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K-12 Cow Eyeball Dissection
Students collaborating on the cow eyeball dissection

This week, our 12th grade students had the opportunity to welcome kindergarten students to Human Biology class to demonstrate a cow’s eyeball dissection. It was impressive to observe the careful way 12th grade students explained content and process to the kindergarteners. Teaching others is one of the most effective ways for students to demonstrate mastery, and it is clear that they have. 

A few quotes from our seniors:

“It was amazing to see her fear of the dissection turn into utter curiosity and excitement. We had an incredible time working together, and were sad when the period was over.” - Molly

“It was super cute! My kid, William, was very interested in the eye and wanted to touch everything and cut it all up. I loved seeing how much he wanted to learn about it.” - Sierra

“My rose was how loving and engaged Lucas was, he loved giving hugs along with touching all parts of the eye.” - Jillian

“My experience with my K student was really positive. I liked talking to him and just listening to what he was passionate about, he had a lot of opinions and it was fun to hear.“ - Tommy