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Common Sense Tip of the Week: Five Privacy Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore
Common Sense Media

Five Privacy Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

From minor inconveniences like annoying spam emails to the serious threat of identity theft, the stakes for privacy have never been greater in the digital world. Cyberattacks are becoming more common and, unfortunately, hackers can gain access to our information from common mistakes we all make. Help everyone in your family learn practical steps to keep personal data safe. Don't ignore requests to update passwords. You've heard this before, right? Time to follow through. Require online accounts to verify your identity. This one is easy. It's like having more than one lock on your front door. Enable automatic software updates for any device that accesses the internet. Did your printer tell you that "a firmware update is available" and you ignored it? Don't! Routinely review privacy settings and app permissions. This sounds boring but it's worth a few minutes of your time. Empower kids (and grandparents) to understand the basics of cybersecurity. This one is in the category of, "We're all in this together." For more specifics, read on here.