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Celebrating Holi 2023

In keeping with San Domenico’s commitment to connection, community, and celebrating diversity, our student body gathered this week for an all-school celebration of the Indian holiday of Holi. Throughout India, people celebrate Holi with music, dancing, and brightly colored powders. It is a time when the normal social boundaries can be overcome and people of different class, gender, age, and status celebrate together. 

Our assembly included songs, dance, poetry, and reflection, as well as a telling of the history of Holi by Jeevan R. ’27

“On Holi, families and neighborhoods come together for a day of celebration in India,” explained Jeevan. “The story behind the festival originates from a folklore about an evil king and his son’s devotion to Lord Vishnu, and it also celebrated the beginning of spring. People celebrate faith, love, and all that is good in the world. They exchange sweets and groove to Holi music while covering each other in colored powders called ‘gulal’ or water.”

In addition, Aarya C. ’24, who grew up celebrating Holi, shared her reflection on the deeper meaning of the Holi festival:

“There is a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose, and a sense of meaning in the way Holi is celebrated. From the bonfire to the colors, every part of Holi symbolizes happiness, joy, and the victory of truth and faith. I celebrate Holi because I believe in my family, I have faith in my community, and I love my friends. I celebrate Holi to rejoice the things in life that go unnoticed and undervalued. And last but not the least, I celebrate Holi to connect with those around me and share the love within me with everyone I can.”

After the assembly, the Upper School Multicultural Club hosted the very fun (and very messy!) traditional throwing of colored powders!