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A Resounding Win: Redefining Success Through Hard Work and Dedication
Women's Water Polo Triumphs over San Marin

In its first varsity season competing in the Marin County Athletic League (MCAL), the Women's Varsity Water Polo team recorded the first win in the program’s nascent history, beating San Marin 12-5. This momentous win signifies a remarkable turnaround from their previous 10-6 loss to the same opponent. It is a testament to the players’ unwavering dedication and hard work throughout the season.

The team's transformation is nothing short of remarkable. After reflecting on their exceptional performance, Aquatics Director Mark Anderson exclaimed, “It's been great watching the team transformation this season. They played fantastic today, and that’s a testament to the girls and all the hard work they put in, and how well Head Coach Giorgio coached and prepared them throughout the season.”

One of the game’s standout performers was Lauren K. ’25, who etched her name into the San Domenico record books by netting a remarkable eight goals. “My coach and teammates contributed significantly to my performance,” said Lauren K. “They encouraged me throughout the season to trust in my ability and perform my best, and I’m happy that it all came together during the final match with the help of coach Giorgio and Anderson.” Lauren added, “This was the first win in the program’s history, so it shows the other teams in the league that we are improving and will come back strong next year.” Lucy F. ’25 and Emma G. ’25 also made vital contributions, with two and one goals, respectively, while Kylie H. ’25 chipped in with another crucial goal. Not only did the team score 12, but they did not concede a goal in the second half of the game, thanks in big part to Alma T. ’25, who had roughly 15 blocks during the game. 

The win marked the end of this season on a resounding high note and set a promising foundation for the team’s future. The win will undoubtedly serve as a source of motivation and inspiration for next season.