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Aran Levasseur

Aran Levasseur

Innovation Lead and Humanities Faculty

Aran Levasseur has an eclectic background that ranges from outdoor education to life coaching, and from habitat restoration to video production. He has taught middle school world history and science for five years and designed and led the integration of a one-to-one iPad program at San Francisco University High School. He was a researcher at the Hybrid Reality Institute, researching human-technology co-evolution in history and society, focusing on the effects it has on education. Aran gave a TEDx talk titled: Video Games and Learning. He presented at CAIS: Playing Video Games to Promote Peace. He also gave a keynote on New Media Literacies at the iPad Symposium. Aran has written more than 10 articles for PBS and other publications about the intersection of education and technology. He is currently the Innovation Lead and Humanities Faculty in the Upper School.

“My favorite part of being a member of the San Domenico community is the opportunity we have to integrate the garden and general campus into the teaching and learning process.”


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