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Parent Service Association (PSA)

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Welcome San Domenico Parents, Guardians, and Caretakers!

I am thrilled to welcome you and your family to SD and to serve as your 2021-22 Parent Service Association (PSA) Executive Board President. Our  return this Fall to the daily routines that support successful learning experiences for every San Domenico student marks yet another momentous occasion for our entire San Domenico community, here and abroad. 

In concert, our community spent the last 16 months adapting to the impact of living and raising our students in a world of perpetual and wildly unimaginable changes. In response, we have been intrinsically guided by the strength of our core Dominican values: Reflection, Community, Study, and Service. 

This year will no doubt again bring unforeseen challenges that engage each of us individually and as a community. We strive to meet these challenges as opportunities to benefit every San Domenico student and family. As an alumna, I have come to understand that the resilience and hope I found within myself to keep my family advancing onward during our darkest moments during this pandemic , originated from the character shaping and education I received when I was a San Domenico student. With this came an awareness that each of our SD students, yours and mine, are becoming prepared through our School’s unique culture and curriculum to respond to unexpected developments and experiences their futures hold. In my heart I hope this small insight about the emotional connection of a San Domenico education comforts you as it has for me, when I think about what tomorrow will bring my children.

Right now, we are experiencing a rare moment in San Domenico’s 171-year history as we focus on deepening our sense of community after a long period of separation. I urge you to share your ideas and get involved by collaborating and volunteering alongside your class parents, school level VP, and PSA Executive Board members. Your involvement is part of a larger, big-story purpose that affects our culture of belonging and gives every San Domenico student the most compelling and meaningful learning experience. 

We are bound as one community by the common thread of love for our children and student(s), and the desire for them to develop the skills that prioritize their well-being while academically preparing them for a fulfilling life journey that cares for all living creatures and this planet. Your support and involvement builds on this understanding as we navigate forward together.

I look forward to seeing you at our August 31, K-12 Community and Connection event. Details to follow as pandemic related health directives and guidelines are updated.

As always, feel free to connect with me anytime during the 2021-22 school year by emailing: 

In Community with You, And Go Panthers!

Tara Evans Boyce ‘90
PSA Executive Board President, 2021-22

Our involvement takes the form of:

  • Developing community among parents
  • Deepening parent connection with the school
  • Providing support for school-sponsored events
  • Bridging communication between parents and the school
  • Supporting fundraising opportunities through the Spring Gala, Fund-A-Need, Uniform Closet, and Scrip Programs, all of which broaden our children's education program, such as scholarships and professional development opportunities.

Community & School Sponsored Events

In a typical year, we have many community and school sponsored events over the course of the year. However, this year is going to be a bit different. We are exploring creative alternative ways to bring the community together, so please stay tuned! 

Bridging Communication

During the year, you will receive communications with updates from your class parents to keep you well-informed and linked in with your child’s teachers and moderators.


Volunteering is an important part of PSA. In a typical year, there are ample opportunities to get involved in all of the great community building events, school-related events, classroom activities, and fundraising opportunities at San Domenico. Although our spirits are there, on-campus involvement is restricted at the moment. We are hard at work putting our brains together to remotely support the school and the families.

Your help is greatly appreciated by the Faculty and Staff!

PSA Executive Board 2021-22

President – Tara Evans-Boyce
First Vice President – Amy Ginsberg
Past President – Shino Cline
Vice President, Upper School – Harlan Kennedy
Vice President, Middle School – Kelly Weidner
Vice President, Lower School – Keri Briones
Vice President, Volunteerism – Amy Salisbury
Vice President, Community Building – Adam Karsten
Treasurer – Julie Ansara
Secretary – Traci Gearhart
Chair, Uniform Closet – Karin Castañeda


Kindergarten – Kristina Farber, Amanda Renschler 
1st Grade – Jenny Mayberry, Gabriella Becker 
2nd Grade – Elysia Pearce, Amy Cunha
3rd Grade – Devorah Duemler, Kelli McMaster 
4th Grade – Jeremiah Lawrance, Louise Rasmussen 
5th Grade – TBD
6th Grade – Susanne Slader, Sujoya Dey
7th Grade – Michelle Morrow, Heather Woollen 
8th Grade – Diane Keenley, Emily Elder
Freshman Class – Jeanne-Marie Crowe, Karen Berg-Smith
Sophomore Class – Michael Phan, Heather Conklin
Junior Class – Meg Sorota, Margaret Nau
Senior Class – Traci Goldman, Rick Holland, Thea Thompson

Upper School Leadership Team
Crab Feed Chairs – Lisa Ott, Linda Feehan
Gratitude Chairs – Iris Krause, Amy Ginsberg
Grad Night Chairs – TBD

PSA Executive Board job descriptions: Download pdf

PSA Meetings

PSA Meeting Minutes