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Parent Service Association (PSA)

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Welcome from PSA Executive Board President, Shino Cline

Shino Cline

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year! I'm sure it has been quite an unconventional summer for all of us, but hopefully everyone has had some time to recharge and get ready to start a new school year.

It's a privilege to be continuing to serve as the PSA President for a second year. In this unprecedented time when uncertainty seems to be the only certain thing in life, I have found that taking time to pause and reflect can give me the strength to take whatever comes.  

Community, one of the four core values at San Domenico, is more important than ever in this pandemic, as we go through our lives physically isolated. The PSA is committed to supporting families and making meaningful connections through the SD community, so we can all find ways to thrive despite these challenges. Please feel free to get in touch with PSA with your thoughts and ideas.

Best wishes for a great start of the year!

Shino Cline
PSA President

Our involvement takes the form of:

  • Developing community among parents
  • Deepening parent connection with the school
  • Providing support for school-sponsored events
  • Bridging communication between parents and the school
  • Supporting fundraising opportunities through the Spring Gala, Fund-A-Need, Uniform Closet, and Scrip Programs, all of which broaden our children's education program, such as scholarships and professional development opportunities.

Community & School Sponsored Events

In a typical year, we have many community and school sponsored events over the course of the year. However, this year is going to be a bit different. We are exploring creative alternative ways to bring the community together, so please stay tuned! 

Bridging Communication

During the year, you will receive communications with updates from your class parents to keep you well-informed and linked in with your child’s teachers and moderators.


Volunteering is an important part of PSA. In a typical year, there are ample opportunities to get involved in all of the great community building events, school-related events, classroom activities, and fundraising opportunities at San Domenico. Although our spirits are there, on-campus involvement is restricted at the moment. We are hard at work putting our brains together to remotely support the school and the families.

Your help is greatly appreciated by the Faculty and Staff!

PSA Executive Board 2020-21

President – Shino Cline
First Vice President – Sandy Pfaff
Vice President, Upper School – Béa Richards
Vice President, Middle School – Iris Krause
Vice President, Lower School – Mike Nettleton
Vice President, Volunteerism – Tara Evans-Boyce
Vice President, Community Building – Adam Karsten and Shannon Tithof
Treasurer – Julie Ansara
Secretary – Nao Etsuki Lee
Chair, eScrip – Keri Briones


Kindergarten – Rosella Rossi  & Marisol Cappiello 
1st Grade – Melissa Grimm & Colin Spooner 
2nd Grade – Sarah Pofliet & Thea (Dorothea) Skaff
3rd Grade – Kelly Weidner & Heather Woollen 
4th Grade – Holly Nettleton & Rita Channon 
5th Grade – Rebecca Seligman & Brynn Pewtherer
6th grade – Sharon Klein & Melissa Li
7th grade – Chantelle Masdea & Shannon Kirchner 
8th grade – Courtney Minisce & Traci Gearhart
Freshman Class Parents – Harlan Kennedy & Mimi O'Connell
Sophomore class parents – Meg Abbott & Alima Connan
Junior Class Parents – Traci Goldman & Rick and Gigi Holland
Senior Class Parents – Jeanne-Marie Crowe & Jessica Berry

PSA Executive Board job descriptions: Download pdf

PSA Meetings

PSA Meeting Minutes