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San Domenico School News & Events

Virtuoso Program Solo Recitals Streamed Live

We were pleased to host our Virtuoso Program Winter Solo recital, featuring works by Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Hindemith, Tchaikovsky, and more. There was a live stream from HOTA for audiences to enjoy solo violin, viola, and cello works as performed by students in SD's Virtuoso Program, with piano accompaniment by Miles Graber.

During these solos, a jury of outside adjudicators attended the performances and gave each student written feedback. Please enjoy this compilation of the solos here: 9th & 10th Grade Solo Recitals11th & 12th Grade Solo Recitals.

We applaud the talents of the following VP musicians:

  • Alice McConnell
  • Dashiell Fairborn
  • Sean Wu
  • Anthony Chukhlov
  • Amanda Lam
  • Meilani Huynh
  • Illarion Gerschkovich
  • Mali Nguyen
  • Olivia Choi
  • Ivan Kiryakin
  • Hannah Stone
  • Vincenzo Calcagno
  • Oona Clark
  • Alexandra Chukhlov
  • Joyce Kim
  • Jackson Fairborn
  • Carys Goldsmith
  • Josh Phythian
  • Aidan Kim
  • Lorenzo Soleri