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San Domenico School News & Events

US Theatre Students Shine in Shakespeare Competitions

San Domenico carried on our longtime tradition of participating, and leading, in the English Speaking Union's National Shakespeare Speech Competition, this year performing virtually! Inspired by SD alum Ogechi Egonu '17, who won the National ESU competition her senior year, this year twenty SD students competed at the school level to determine who would advance to the regional level, and the race was close! A huge THANK YOU to esteemed SD faculty including Kaitlyn Gallagher, Sonya Evans, Eugenia Ives, and Claire Neuner who stepped up as judges in the first round/s of competition. The top three placing students in the school-wide competition were:

  • First Place: Iain Cunningham ’22, performing Antony from "Antony and Cleopatra"
  • First Runner-Up: Wyatt Tithof ’21, performing Sebastian from "Twelfth Night"
  • Second Runner-Up: Fiona Martin ’23, performing Constance from "King John"

This year, both our school winner and the first runner-up competed in the Regional contest. Iain and Wyatt competed against students from other Northern California schools, performing their monologues again and a sonnet. Both performances were filmed in HOTA, and submitted for the competition.

I am very happy to report that Senior Wyatt Tithof ’21 placed third in the English Speaking Union's Regional Shakespeare Competition! Wyatt performed Sebastian, from “Twelfth Night,” and Sonnet 12; Iain performed Antony from “Antony & Cleopatra” and Sonnet 18. A panel of six judges from professional theatre selected the winners. Wyatt will receive a $200 prize from the English Speaking Union.
We are very proud of Wyatt and Iain, and of all our students who competed in the ESU!
For the first time, we also participated in Chapman University’s Annual Henry Kemp-Blair Shakespeare Festival. Seven students entered the Shakespeare monologue competition, and nine students participated in workshops led by Chapman Theatre Department professors. Workshops included Stage Design, Auditioning on Camera, Shakespeare on the Thinking Breath, and Warm-Ups for Performance.
Out of 105 entries from 23 schools, four of our students were in the top 20: Lily Cline ’22, Malia Louie ’23, Wyatt Tithof ’21, and Iain Cunningham ’22. All monologue competitors scored in the Outstanding and Excellent level in the five categories of Psychological Dimension, Vocal Dimension, Technical Dimension, and Overall Impression. Congratulations to all participants!

- Jen Grimes, Theatre Arts Instructor